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Cutting-edge approaches for fostering diversity and inclusion

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Helping you enhance your supplier diversity program

LSP partners with our corporate clients to help plan, organize, and develop supplier diversity programs. With over 25 years of industry experience, we leverage best-in-class procurement practices and strategies to promote supplier inclusion and diversity in your supply chain

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We design, build and implement supplier diversity programs that maximize the value of diversity for our clients and the communities they impact around the world.





Our Collaborative Approach

Ensuring success from the start. We have successfully worked with organizations helping them achieve maximum results.

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01. Assess

Overview of your supply chain ecosystem

LSP collaborates with your team at any stage, whether you’re looking to launch your supplier diversity program or take it to the next level.

By doing a full assessment of your current ecosystem, we are not only able to understand your unique corporate vision but also align on how to bring it to life.

The key to our success is combining our relevant, direct, and powerful industry experience with the commitments of our clients.

02. Analyze

Accelerate your supplier inclusion efforts

After a thorough assessment of your current supplier base, we can analyze data to uncover potential gaps, and recommend actionable steps to expand your supplier diversity program.

By leveraging our industry knowledge and networks, we can help you streamline the process, engage diverse suppliers, and drive meaningful change within your supply chain.

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03. Design

Driving success with supplier diversity

From assessing and analyzing your supplier diversity landscape, we will design a strategic framework for your supplier diversity program that is supported by your stakeholders.

This framework leverages best-in-class strategic sourcing and supplier diversity methods. Our ultimate goal is to connect your program to surrounding communities, diverse suppliers, and diversity advocates, resulting in a powerful and resilient diverse ecosystem.

04. Implement

Achieving your diversity goals

Once the strategic framework has been established for your program, our team of supplier diversity experts will work with you to implement and execute an exemplary supplier diversity program.

We will ensure your program incorporates all of the deliverables outlined for your initiatives. With our guidance, you will be able to establish a strategy and align the goals of the program with the overall corporate policy.

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Our Supplier Diversity Services

Whether you are looking to start a new supplier diversity program or need a boost to increase your current diversity spend goals, our passionate team can help your diversity efforts at any level.

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Tier 1 Supplier Diversity

Building a strong supplier diversity program that is comprehensive, well-supported, and focused on driving long-term success for both the company and its diverse suppliers.

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Tier 2 Supplier Diversity

Launching programs to partner directly with your Tier 1 suppliers to increase the diversity of your overall supply chain and support the growth of diverse businesses.

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Global Supplier Diversity

Building your Global Diversity program into a powerful force for promoting innovation and creativity and fostering a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

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