Leveraging your diversity status to scale your business

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Executive Director

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Hi, I''m Sheena

I help minority and women entrepreneurs go from applied to certified.

Time is money, and well, money takes time.And as an owner building your brand, your focus should be on core strategic moves!

I take the daunting certification task off your hands so you can focus on what you do best, your business!

Have you been curious about the alphabet soup of diversity certification? You know the MBE, WBE, and DBE of it all. Well, what if I told you there is a better way to gain clarity over this whole process and go from applied to certified?

After going through the process as an entrepreneur myself, I realized there is an easier way to help other owners gain access to diverse business designations and certifications. So ya'll don't have to struggle!

I combined my 25 years of experience managing certification and supplier diversity programs with my first-hand experience going through the process and created a course and solution that will help you understand the nuances of certification and, most importantly, how to leverage it.

In the "Diversity Certification: What is it and how to leverage it?" workshop, I will introduce you to the world of diversity certification, take the techniques that have worked for me and my clients, and teach you how to leverage this tool to build your brand.  

During the workshop we will cover:

  • Different certification types and certification agencies
  • Connecting the funding to the right certification designation
  • The requirements to be certified
  • Common pitfalls and what to absolutely NOT do
  • Techniques to leverage your certification and get the buyers' attention!

No matter if you have applied before, are currently in the process, have been denied certification, or want to take advantage of these programs for the first time - this workshop is for you!

Diversity Certification

Virtual Session

What is it, and how can you leverage it to

build your brand?

October 9, 2022

2pm -5pm CST

Via Zoom & In-Person

Only 20 spaces are available.

To encourage conversation and questions for further understanding.

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This workbook is the perfect compliment to the workshop.Every certification application asks for pretty much the same information.This guide will give you the building blocks for any certification.

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Diversity Certification Guide

Client Kudos

YOU ARE AMAZING! I honestly couldn't imagine going through this process without you. You are very knowledgeable and very responsive. Your customer service is also top tier. I can't wait to work with you for the rest of my certifications!

                                                                        - Autumn Jackson, The Official Clean Queen

I highly recommend Sheena Morgan as a “subject matter expert” in the facilitation and implementation of federal and local certification programs along with program management and contract compliance.

                                                                        - Tawanna Heyward-Bey, Heyward-Bey International

Global Star received multiple DBE, ACDBE, and SBE certifications in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and Idaho.

Ready to go from applied to certified and need help?

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